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Submit Your Recipe To Forum

 Submit Your Recipe

Do you have a great Caribbean  recipe? Submissions can include baked goods, sauces, main dishes, side dishes, etc. These MUST be recipes that you have already tested and know work, along with your own photo.

There are several Categories you can submit to. Please submit to the most appropriate….

As a reminder, here are the Categories and a short description for each. See below

Please use this format and be as complete as possible to avoid us editing your recipe. Perform a final spellcheck and grammar check before submission.

  1. The sweeteners (if used) we currently approve of are these traditional sweeteners: organic whole sugarhoneymaple syrup.
  2. We are looking for recipes with as many tropical ingredients as appropriate: Jerk , Sauces prepared meal dishes, drinks,  Fruits,
  3. We are looking for recipes with as many coconut ingredients as appropriate: coconut flourdried coconutCoconut Cream Concentratecoconut oil.
  4. Acceptable oils (if used) are: coconut oil, palm oil or shorteningsesame oilolive oil, and butter.
  5. For recipes using coconut flour: while we are looking for recipes using coconut flour exclusively, we are also looking for recipes where coconut flour is mixed with other flours.
  6. No soy please (organic fermented soy sauce is OK).
  7. Minimum image size requirement is 500 pixels in width or height.

Note: Recipes are accepted at the sole discretion of the Forum. Recipes may need to be edited before publishing. Complete names of authors of recipes are not published (first name and city only.).

Submit photos that you have taken, and where you own the copyrights to the photo. Use of other photos owned by someone who has not given permission to have them published is prohibited, and subject to copyright laws. We are mainly looking for recipes with photos, as the photo shows the recipe actually works. Recipes without photos are seldom considered.

Please use this  form to submit your recipe . The form allows photo attachments and other documents.


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