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Healthy Foods

Healthy Foods – Build Muscle, Burn Fat, Manage Diabetes

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Build Muscle, Burn Fat, Manage Diabetes


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watch There are some valuable tricks when it comes to making healthy food taste good. So why don’t people eat healthy? Plain and simple, it’s not tasteful, lacks flavoring and not enjoyable like junk food.
Most Caribbean dishes have some degree of coconut oil, which enhances the flavor of foods and has the best fat.
Coconut oil is good, has amino acids, omega 3s, omega 6 (similar to fish oils) that are all good for the human body. Additional, good fats like avocado, nuts and other proteins can be added to food to add taste when combined with a table spoon of coconut oil. If you eat microwave foods (chicken breast, vegetables, and other stuff that get dried out using the microwave) coconut oil will add the moisture and enhance the taste.
Using coconut oil, you can eat healthy, now you don t have to worry about food tasting bad.

Some vegetables are extremely rich in protein. One major source of protein that we find is soy bean which is one of the richest source of protein in vegetarian diets. Today we have options of soya flour, soya milk, soya snacks, soya oil, and other products of soy available at the grocery stores. Other sources of protein rich foods would include sprouts. Sprouts can be made out of all kind of beans (i.e., kidney beans, green gram) and other pulses can also be sprouted and used.

Eggs and nuts (almonds, walnuts, and sunflower seeds) provide sources of protein in vegetarian diets.

Whey protein is one of the richest sources of vegetarian protein and is used even used in the pharma sector today to make certain drugs. It gives you the protein content that’s far higher than lot of other protein sources in vegetarian foods.

Focusing on a high protein meals will definitely manage diabetes, build muscle, burn fat and promote a healthy body.

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